2005 DC Open Registration

Please be sure that if register here, your check should still be sent via regular snail-mail, unless you send it to me via paypal. If you add this consent form you will receive special turbo-checkin.
note: You can also use this form to amend a previous registration, or cancel it alltogether. Use the comment form for that.
First name: Last name: Male Female

Address: City: State: ZIP:

Telephone: (day) (eve)

Email: (you will receive confirmations)

USAB number: (use 0 for planning to be a new member, -1 if you have no USAB number or don't remember it, -2 for groups)

Group code: (only needed for groups; just make one up, useful for teams or groups paying in bulk)

You can enter in any of following categories (AB, CD, Senior(40+) or Senior(50+):
($20 first, $15 each additional event, $25 USAB fee if you're not a member)
Select an event (up to 4) Select a partner Select a category
or use REQ to request one A/B *or* C/D, not both
or use TBA to decide later S40 *or* S50, not both
1. NONE MS WS MD WD XD Partner: A/B C/D S40 S50
2. NONE MS WS MD WD XD Partner: A/B C/D S40 S50
3. NONE MS WS MD WD XD Partner: A/B C/D S40 S50
4. NONE MS WS MD WD XD Partner: A/B C/D S40 S50
Note 1: if too few entries in an event, we may either ask you to move to another event, or we combine Senior events. If you decide to play similar events in the same category, we may have ask you to drop one of your events to prevent conflicts.
Note 2: to aid us in spelling, please consult the names of registered players (or the one from 2004 or 2001) if one of them is your partner.
Total amount you are going to pay: (and remember, you can now pay via paypal)

Any additional comments you wish to make can be entered here:

To register, press this button: , to clear this form: .

NOTE: If you print out and sign this consent form, you will receive special turbo-checkin cards at the registration desk!! No more lines!!. Send in the paperwork before January 13th to:

Peter Teuben 11104 Glenn Brooke Ct. Glenn Dale, MD 20769

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