Linux for Astronomy - NEMO notes

NEMO is also available on the Linux for Astronomy CD-ROM. This page will serve as an source for notes, warnings and/or patches for the current LFA CD-ROM. Contact for more info.

V1 - Nov 1995

I got this on January 29, 1996, a bit delayed due to the late arrival of the 95NOV MIDAS distribution.

V2 - Aug 1996

Expected to come out after the next (JUL96) release of Classic Aips.

V3/4 - Oct 1998

I've had no chance yet to look at this version.

V5/6 - Fall 2000

They are still using an older version of NEMO. If you want to keep up to date, use our CVS release.

V7/8/9 ??

first multi-platform release

V10 - 2008/2009??

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