ManyBody Software

On this package we assemble information on the ManyBody software, a loosely coupled set of packages and programs that have been used in a number of n-body schools associated with and MODEST:
  1. the portal, also for MODEST, muse and MICA
  2. Schools where we have used the software:
    1. MODEST-4a: School on NUMERICAL N-BODY DYNAMICS (Strasbourg, 19-22 March 2004)
    2. MODEST-5c: Summer school on direct N-body simulations ( Amsterdam, July 24-29, 2005) and Wiki Pages.
    3. GH-2006: Galactic and Cosmological N-Body Simulations, Tonantzintla - Puebla, Mexico, July 23 - August 5, 2006.
    4. Advanced School and Workshop on Computational Gravitational Dynamics (Leiden, May 3-13, 2010)
    and perhaps related, the PITP 2009 summerschool, where some of this material was also used.
  3. Mailing lists/Newsletters:
  4. Simulations School in MICA, meeting every 3rd Friday in the month, starting April 18, 2008.
  5. MANYBODY : an accompanying software guide to the N-body school, short intros to how all the packages can be used, and installed. Also contains references to the background material (PDF/PS papers) on the CD. (version 2.0, draft April 14, 2010)
  6. GH-2006 "CD" tar balls (10 july 2006)
  7. Links to the various packages on the manybody CD, in alphabetical order. The ones marked with a (*) are the core packages for the 2006 summer school.
    1. ACS (Moving Stars Around, Kali Code)
    2. AstroMD
    3. EZ
    4. * gadget
    5. HNbody
    6. MMAS (Make Me A Star)
    7. * NEMO (with lots of references to packages not included here (yet))
    8. partiview
    9. spiegel (look for Software -> grapecluster)
    10. Starlab
    11. * tipsy (and associated tools, such as skid, smooth, fof, denmax)
    12. visit (and some useful build instructions)
    13. StarCrash, an SPH code to calculate the 3-d evolution of self-gravitating fluid systems.
  8. Links to the various supporting packages and libraries if your system does not have them:
    1. gcc
    2. python
    3. ruby
    4. pgplot (though we use our own patched version within NEMO)
    5. plplot
    6. hdf (both V4 and V5 are used)
    7. cfitsio
    8. fftw
    9. gsl