Perhaps you got here because the word NEMO attracted you or your search engine.... Here are some other known meanings of the word NEMO, perhaps this will help you further. New ones seem to pop up fairly keep on searching.

I also maintain a list of external references of web sites that refer to this one. Always incomplete of course...


Some known acronyms:
NEMO      NanoelEctronic MOdeling
NEMO      Networked Experiment Management Objects
NEMO      Neutral Extinction of Massive Objects
NEMO      Neutrinoless Experiment on Molybdenum
NEMO      New European Music Overseas
NEMO      Non-Empirical Molecular Orbital
NEMO	  Non-indigenous Estuarine and Marine Organisms
NEMO      Nonpoint Education for Municipal Officials
NEMO      Not Everybody Must Observe
NEMO      Nouvelle Experience Majeure de l'Observatoire
NEMO      Novel EIT wave Machine Observing
NEMO	  "vereniging van vrije wandelaars" (Dutch)
NEMO      (Nemo's Almanac) An annual quiz for literature lovers (UK)
NEMO      Naval EarthMap Observer (is a joint effort between NRL's
          Spacecraft Engineering Department (SED) and a commercial partner. NEMO
          is sponsored by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) and the Defense
          Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).
NEMO      Vienna New Model Grid of Stellar Atmospheres
NEMO, SD  Zip code 57759 in the US
NEMO, TZ  Zip code 76070 in the US


(some of these links will naturally disappear, and others will come up that I don't know about). You can try some search-engines with sometimes amusing results: google images (or just plain google).
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