PiTP "Computational Astrophysics" tools

In this package we assemble information on the CA software, a loosely coupled set of packages and programs that we are using during this PiTP summerschool. There is a school WIKI, replacing this page. There's also a template google group we were using.

A copy of all codes, papers, exercizes, student contributions, pictures etc. will be available here, but not the version, as right after the school not all material was available. This tar file should create 4 directories in which all the material is locations: codes, papers (also contain exercises and lectures), python-tar, and pics.


Papers describing the background of the various packages have been dumped in a single large directory here, and will also be available on a DVD and local directory at the school.


Codes (and tools needed to compile the codes) have been dumped in a single large directory here, and will also be available on a DVD and local directory at the school. For some codes multiple versions may be present, to handle older and newer computers.
  1. Spitkovsky: OOPIC Pro Plasma and Charged Particle Simulation. ( or XOOPIC for linux in source).
  2. Springel: gadget
  3. Pretorius: RNPL
  4. Richardson: PKDgrav
  5. Stone: athena
  6. Tremaine: some codes from scratch
  7. Dorland: (something CUDA based)
  8. Norman: ENZO and YT

Ancillary programs and libraries needed:

  1. Compilers/Tools:
    1. gcc (now at 4.3.3 - ignoring mac renumbering)
    2. intel (now at 11.0)
    3. HPC Mac OS X (alternate compilers and tools for Mac)
    4. MacPorts
    5. MPI
  2. Scripting:
    1. python and the following modules:
      1. ipython (highly recommended)
      2. numpy
      3. wxPython
      4. Matplotlib
      5. PyTables
      Also interesting is the idl-python translator
    2. * IDL: Interactive Date Language
    3. PDL (Perl Data Language) - loosely based on IDL
    4. GDL - Gnu Data Language - IDL 6.0 compatible language [version 0.9 rc2 25-jan-2009], you will also need to look at i2py.
  3. Visualization
    1. visit (and some useful build instructions)
    2. ds9
  4. Plotting:
    1. pgplot and (py)WIP
    2. plplot
    3. * sm
    4. xmgrace [version 5.1.22 21-may-2008]
  5. Libraries:
    1. hdf (both V4 and V5 are used) V1.6.8 for gadget
    2. NetCDF [4.0]
    3. cfitsio
    4. fftw [3.2.1] (for MPI you need 2.1.5)
    5. GMP
    6. gsl
  6. Tools/Resources:
    1. CVS
    2. SVN
Items labeled with (*) have restricted source code distribution, or are only available in binary form.

Other links

  1. http://www.manybody.org: the portal, also for MODEST, muse and MICA
  2. MANYBODY : an accompanying software guide to the 2006 N-body school, short intros to how all the packages can be used, and installed.