This page is merely a place holder, the true TIPSY homebase is at U. Washington.

What is TIPSY?

TIPSY is an interactive X-windows display program with which N-body systems can be manipulated and displayed. Modeled after the Santa Cruz/Lick image processing package VISTA , it consists of a command line interpreter, that understands a large number of predefined commands that display and manipulate N-body systems.


To install TIPSY, first obtain the tar file from anonymous ftp un-tar it, configure and make the tipsy executable, e.g.:
    tar xf tipsy.tar
    cd tipsy*               (a directory like tipsy-2.1.5 will be created)
    cd code
This should have created a single executable tipsy . You can also add the man directory to your MANPATH environment variable to get access to online help with the usual UNIX man tools (man, xman, tkman). Within tipsy or NEMO you must set the TIPSYHELPDIR to be the man directory for online help. The latest TIPSY NEMO-hacks may also available through NEMO's anonymous ftp .


Various tools are available from the UW ano.ftp archive. This list may not be complete anymore:


A set of manual pages is available, as well as as whatis page . There is also a short tutorial being worked on.


Problems should be addressed to the authors , Neal Katz ( ) and Tom Quinn ( )
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