Sellwood 1993

The file stars.dat.gz contains the six phase space coordinates of particles at the last moment of the run described in his paper titled "A bar model for the Galactic bulge" the proceedings of the "Back to the Galaxy" conference edited by S S Holt & F Verter (New York: AIP press) pp 133--136 (1993). The 6 coordinates for all 43802 particles are arranged in the following order (note the reversed coordinates!)
        z, y, x, vz, vy, vx
but do not always appear on the same line. The fortran statement
    REAL x(43802),y(43802),z(43802),vx(43802),vy(43802),vz(43802)
    DO i=1,43802
        READ (*,*) z(i), y(i), x(i), vz(i), vy(i), vx(i)
should however read the data correctly. Within NEMO the program tabtos(1NEMO) can be used as follows to read in the data in snapshot(5NEMO) format:
    zcat stars.dat.gz | tabtos - stars.snap block1=pos,vel nbody=43802 options=wrap
for further visualization. Some more practical information can be found in the README file.